Meta (Facebook) Market Cap

Meta (Facebook) (META) has a market cap of $0.0000 (as of 53 years ago ). The Internet Content & Information / Communication Services company is based in Menlo Park , United States , and has 86,482 employees.

Market cap is the total value of a company, calculated by multiplying the stock price by the total number of shares. Meta Platforms, Inc. has a current share price of $0.0000 and 0 shares outstanding. In the last year, its stock price has reached as high as $0.0000 and dipped as low as $0.0000 .

Meta (Facebook) Market Cap History

Historical data for the end-year market capitalization of Meta Platforms, Inc. .

Year Market Cap
2022 $371.50 billion
2021 $921.93 billion
2020 $778.23 billion
2019 $585.37 billion
2018 $374.13 billion
2017 $512.75 billion
2016 $331.59 billion
2015 $296.60 billion
2014 $216.73 billion
2013 $139.19 billion
2012 $63.14 billion
The market cap history for Meta (Facebook) (META).

Meta (Facebook) Stock Price History

Meta is the company that owns and operates the social networking site Facebook. Meta has over 2 billion active users across its platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The company is focused on developing new technologies that can be used to improve the social media experience, including a swath of new VR / AR ventures.